Our Guarantee

Nasdisc grading standard is based off the popular Goldmine Record Grading standard.

Nasdisc guarantees that every item you purchase from our site matches our strict grading and shipping guidelines.

If you receive an item that does not meet our posted grading policy or shipping standard you are eligible for a full refund.

Please contact support@nasdisc.com within 2 days of receipt to begin your refund process.

Our Standard

The Nasdisc standard contains requirements specific to buying and selling Vinyl, Cassettes and CDs on the Nasdisc marketplace. If you'd like more detailed grading information please see the full Goldmine Grading standard here.

Nasdisc has and will continue to evolve these standards in partnership with our community of buyers and sellers.

Have questions? Want to contribute? Reach out to hello@nasdisc.com


A MINT record should be absolutely perfect in every way. The record should be sealed and have no visible imperfections. A MINT record completely without any discernable flaw is a unicorn, and while it does exist, it is much safer to allow for extremely, barely noticeable minor imperfections and call a record NEAR MINT.


A NEAR MINT record will have a jacket without any noticeable dings, splits, or imperfections. The disk itself will have no blemishes that could affect play, and no more than an acceptable and common minor amount of wave as it spins. It will sound as good as it can (taking into account audio imperfections due to the mastering) and will have nothing to point out as a detriment to the visual or audio experience.


Most records fall into the rating of VERY GOOD+. All things considered, these records play without any surface noise (beyond what may be a standard for the pressing) or loud pops. The jackets might have light creasing, corner dings, minor seam splits, and the record may be slightly visually warped (but play is not affected).


A VERY GOOD record jacket will have any amount of the following: noticeable ring-wear, large creasing, discoloration, or seam splits. The record may have discernable surface noise (often noticeable in quieter parts) or the occasional noticeable popping throughout play. The disks may have scratches and scuffs on them, as well.


Anything below VERY GOOD, sometimes known as GOOD or FAIR, is lumped into POOR in our eyes. These jackets will have rips or chunks missing, water damage, thick ring wear, large seam splits, stains, or marker. The records will play with loud surface noise, popping, and/or skips, likely due to large scratches or other marks present on the disk or in the grooves. It’s almost unfathomable that someone would want to sell (or buy!) a record of this quality, but it’s worth defining.

Generic (G)

A GENERIC rating is for a sleeve that is a thick or thin unbranded paper sleeve that a record goes in if it is missing the original sleeve.


As a seller on Nasdisc you are responsible for properly packing and shipping your record to ensure it reaches its destination in the listed condition.

Barring any extreme circumstances, Sellers are responsible for packaging all items being sold in such a way to ensure the condition that they arrive in matches the listed condition.

You are responsible for shipping your sold item within 2 business days or your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Have questions? Reach out to hello@nasdisc.com