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Please also read through our policies on grading and shipping before getting started.


or bid

Buy Now at the lowest Ask, or place a bid at the price you're willing to pay. When a seller is willing to sell for your desired price and condition or better your order will be fulfilled immediately.

100% Guaranteed

Every purchase is guaranteed to meet our strict grading standard or your money back. Stop worrying about irresponsible sellers or inconsistent shipping. Read more about our shipping and grading policy here.

Transparent Pricing

Know the price you should pay. Every listing contains real-time price data to ensure you never overpay for a record again

Flat Rate Shipping

Stop worrying about outrageous shipping costs. Shipping on Nasdisc is $5 flat rate. US to US


or ask

Sell your item on the spot to the highest bid. Or place an Ask and choose the price you’d like to sell for. Buyers placing a bid will automatically Buy from the lowest ask.

Sell Instantly

Got a record you'd like to sell? Liquidate on the spot by selling to the highest bidder. Funds are paid out to your account when the buyer receives the order.

Hassle Free Transactions

Never deal with scams or fraudulent buyers again. Sell with confidence and leave the customer service to us.

Transparent Pricing

Always get the best price for your record. Immediately see what records buyers are looking for and the price they're willing to pay

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